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Natalia started makeup when she was 19 after her daughter was born. She went to school and did this on the side but was required to work a 9-5 job. After her second child she decided to pursue her passion in makeup as a full-time job. She chose this because she want to be a role model for her children and show them no matter the circumstances, they can follow their dreams. She started at Sephora then later worked on different luxury brands such as Dior. She later grew her freelance business and she have assisted on music videos and e-commerce brands. Her true passion is bridal.

The fact that she can assist someone on one of their most important days of their life is tremendously rewarding. She believe that offering a stress free experience from the time you book to your wedding day is crucial. You not only need to look beautiful, but also feel beautiful. Natalia is looking forward to having the opportunity to work with you and see you in her chair!

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