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Nowsheba Rahman, better known as "Sheba" by her peers, is a Los Angeles based makeup artist. She was born in Bangladesh and migrated to the United States with her family at the age of 6. Following the completion of her bachelor's degree in Sociology, with self-determination and motivation, she dedicated herself to her passion for beauty and the arts and became professionally certified in makeup artistry. 


Today, as a well-established freelance artist, Sheba does exactly what she loves to do every day while delivering her clients with the best service possible. With over 7 years in the professional makeup industry, Sheba aims to build lasting relationships with her clientele. 


Sheba is a well-rounded artist specializing in beauty, editorial, print, commercial/film and wedding makeup. Her professionalism and talents have also helped her to attain the position as a Creative Director for many published projects. She has a keen eye for perfection which has trademarked her own style. She aims to accentuate the natural features of her clients making them feel renewed and rejuvenated. 


A session with Sheba is not merely makeup application. It is an experience, a moment to build and bond, a never ending relationship between an artist and her canvas. 

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