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Makeup Artist

Lily is a Los Angeles-based television/film makeup artist and men’s groomer.

She started her career 14+ years ago and is well knowledgeable in the beauty industry. She studied esthetics, makeup and marketing and merchandising for the beauty industry so that it can make her a better informed makeup artist. 

Lily is very talented and has done it all! She’s worked as an esthetician, lash technician and as a makeup artist. She’s worked at MAC cosmetics where she became more knowledgeable on skin tones and skin types and as her career expanded, she has worked as a makeup artist for television, film, publications, fashion and award shows. 

Lily has done makeup for news anchors and talk show hosts for live television with little time to work. She works well under pressure. She knows how to quickly perform a successful makeup look if her time is limited. 

She understands the importance of having a great and positive connection with the talent/client as she is one of the last people who they will be engaging with before they have to perform. While focusing on the outer beauty, she is able to help the talent feel good within while she believes, is the foundation to looking and performing their best.  

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