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Makeup Artist + SPFX


I’m a born and raised Venezuelan. Back in my hometown, I studied Cinematography in College, that's where I first adventured into Special Effects make-up and immediately fell in love with it. I started practicing on myself, and soon enough people started liking what I did and motivated me to start doing it as a job and to see its potential as a full-time career.


In 2016, I moved to Las Vegas and started my certification as a professional makeup artist at L makeup institute, which I completed in 2017. Soon after, I decided take on make-up as my full-time job and fell in love with the bridal world. I’ve been published in the Spectacular Bride of Las Vegas magazine, 2019 Summer Edition. 


One of the most exiting things about my career is that every single make-up is unique. I treat each client as a new protect and feel happy to be part of something a special day.


In the mid-term, my plan is to continue gaining professional experience, expand and polish my techniques, as well as further expose myself and my work within the industry. Long-term, one of my goals is to begin working in the video and film production industry, and become part a cast's beauty team. Ultimately, my current life goal is to open a make-up academy to teach and help others fall in love with make-up just as I did.

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