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Body Painter & Special FX

Jen Ashton is one of Las Vegas and Southern California’s most sought after body painters. An American born artist, she has enjoyed a professional fine art career spanning almost two decades. Though most of her work can be found in galleries or hanging on client’s walls, Ashton also enjoys the art of painting on human canvases.

In 2006, Ashton extended her talents to makeup and the fascinating world of body painting. Since then, she has worked with clients such as Playboy, Cirque du Soleil and Coor’s Light. Her editorial work has also been featured on HBO, The Travel Channel and in The Las Vegas Weekly. Ashton offers specialties in creative design, professional application and production-quality work. She is able to paint any style for any client, including realistic jerseys and swimwear, company logos and artistic masterpieces. Jen is also available for live painting performances to add that “wow” factor to any event.

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